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Alexandrea Kneece


  • RYT-200

  • Art of Assiting


My favorite posture is wheel.  I love the strength in the posture and how my heart races after coming down.  Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE coming from a forward fold and inhaling to stand.  Every reach up feels like a "good morning".  These both make me feel alive and present. 

I found yoga due to a running injury.  I hated stretching and my physical therapist told me that I wouldn't be able to run again unless I became disciplined with certain exercises.  I decided to go to yoga because they would "make me" stretch.   After my 10 class pass was finished, I was hooked.

Yoga has taught me that I am enough.  As long as I am putting forth a good effort to always grow then I am pretty enough, smart enough, flexible enough, strong enough........and so forth.  


It has also taught me to let go.  To not let the little things bother me.  I can still have internal happiness even in tough times.  

Outside of Aiken Yoga I love being outside, especially Hitchcock woods with my pups (Myles and Luna)


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