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Krissy Dopson


  • Pranakriya Experienced Professional Yoga Training (RYT 200 and 500)

  • Pranakriya Yoga Therapy (PYT 500) 

  • Pranakriya Prenatal Yoga

  • Thai Massage Therapist and Bio-Energy Healing


My favorite posture is The one that empowers, liberates or inspires me the most in that particular moment.

I found yoga when I needed it the most as one always does... some call it luck, divine intervention, but I know it as my path and my journey.

Yoga has taught me to be connected to true self, to choose to show up different in the world, to be comfortable expressing who I am, to love and be loved, to forgive, to release the stories, to slow down and trust the process without necessarily understanding it and most importantly to see the entire universe and everything within it as one - one thing, one being, one wholeness

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