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At Aiken Yoga we are passionate about sharing the benefits that a regular Yoga practice has on one's health, energy levels, and state of mind.

With two spacious studios located in downtown Aiken, we offer over 30 classes per week for all levels and abilities. 

Our knowledgeable instructors will offer modifications and suggestions allowing ALL levels to benefit from our classes.


Aiken Yoga offers a non-judgmental and safe place to experience the joys of Yoga and group fitness classes. We have mat rentals, infrared heaters and what you need for increased wellbeing.

We offer more than Yoga. 

 ~BARRE:  Incorporates a ballet barre for leg and seat work, weights for arm and back muscle.

 ~CYCLE:  Group spin class on stationary bikes for cardio and endurance.

~ FUNCTIONAL FITNESS: All-over workout and never the same.

~PILATES: Traditional mat workout for a strong core.

 Any questions or to schedule a private/group session.
803-514-8833 Sarah