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Heather Peterson


My training consists of 16 years of practice and informal training in Bikram and Ashtanga. When my “real” job permits I hope to find time to supplement my teaching and practice by taking an immersion teacher training.  In the meantime, rather than teach, I share my practice, knowledge, and experience.  I think of my role in the classroom more as a leader than teacher- I know the postures and I try to put together flows that build students’ yoga vocabulary challenging and deepening their practice.  


My favorite posture is ALL of them! Early on I developed the habit of trying to take what is offered- whether that means holding a posture longer than you might like, or working on postures that seems “wrong” or awkward.  Once I have made the mental leap to accept what is offered I always find a space for growth in every posture.  

I found yoga when I entered into graduate school.  l started taking Ashtanga classes at the gym. Soon after I started Bikram and became a Bikram junky.  My daily practice kept me sane throughout my PhD and beyond! 

Yoga has taught me... When I first started yoga I hoped that it would make me a better person.  It hasn’t.  But, it has helped me love myself anyway.  More than anything it has helped me see the negative patterns in my thought process and to quiet my mind.  Plus it brings me an immense amount of pure joy!! 

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