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Angie Richards



I am certified through Aiken Yoga's 200 Hour immersion Teacher Training program. I am also a Real Estate agent. For me, continuing education is ongoing and I regularly attend classes at Aiken Yoga..


My favorite posture is Down dog is my favorite go to Yoga pose,  my body goes through a lot and wear and tear. A few breaths in down dog helps relieve my shoulder, back and hip pain.

I found yoga while looking for a way to be healthy and make a positive change in my life. I am forever grateful for the choice to try something new and practice Yoga.    It has been a beautiful and rewarding journey and it all began many years ago with a simple choice to keep showing up to class.  

Yoga has taught me to know myself and my body. It has given me health and peace of mind, It has made me judge less, love more and just be.

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