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Yoga Practice

Private Yoga Sessions 

Yoga & You

This is an opportunity to have private yoga instruction. We will evaluate where you are in your practice and provide personalized instruction and refinements to help you make a quantum shift in your practice. For beginning students, this is an optimal way to learn the basic elements of yoga at your own pace and to get all your questions answered. For those with physical challenges or therapeutic needs, like back pain or shoulder injuries, this private lesson will tailor poses to your body's abilities and teach you how to modify your practice in a group class situation. "Homework" will be provided so you can learn to optimally align on your own and heal faster. A private session can also be scheduled to deepen your meditation and breathing practices. Arranged at a mutually agreeable time. Some schedule availability on line. Groups and on-site at your facility as well. 

Call 803-514-8833


$100 for 60 minutes

$55 for 30 minutes

Fitness Instructor
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