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Personal Coaching 

One on One

Bridging the gap between science, spiritual development, Yoga and ancient medicine. 



When your daily grind is not aligned with what you really want in life, it feels like you're traveling down a washboard road, Every. Single. Day, and never getting any closer to your destination with food, money, and health.


Create the life you actually want, instead of the settling for life that happens to you, by eliminating the root causes of what has you. Through mindful, conscious awareness, it is possible to gradually recognize and remove any blocks or resistance you have to your own success and happiness system getting to the root cause of your stuck points, jams, blocks and resistances.

~How to face your addictions you use to avoid wounds. 

~How to find the lifestyle "diet" plan that works for you. Intermittent fasting/keto etc.


~How to manifest more abundance & freedom.

Call 803-514-8833


$450 month twice weekly

The full integration of your higher self with the your physical body.  

Become your unlimited YOU.  


TAKE Your Power Back with FOOD, Time, Relationships, Health & Money.


Twice weekly mentoring sessions at mutually agreed times and locations, or by phone. We can also walk, run, work-out  or do yoga during your session or discuss lifestyle shifts and changes regarding diet and stress. 


Free 30 minute assessment for fit.

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