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Thai Yoga Bodywork

June 06, 2020

Also called 'Thai Yoga Therapy,' this training is a perfect complement to teaching yoga as these techniques can be introduced into a group class or used in a private one on one ‘yoga therapy’ session. This weekend class offers a therapeutic approach to Thai Yoga Bodywork. You will learn a series

of therapeutic and creative Thai Yoga stretches in various positions. These techniques fit brilliantly together to create a flowing one hour treatment. This weekend will also integrate how to apply PNF techniques into the stretches to target and release specific muscles with ease. We will look at how to treat various conditions such as sciatic pain, tight hamstrings, and low back pain. We will also learn techniques to... easily release the Psoas, the QL and how to bring the hips into balance. After completion, all practitioners should be confidant to include these new skills into their healing regimen. You will receive a detailed manual with pictures and descriptions to aid in your ongoing practice. Video & online support is also available for home study.
Time: 10:00am-5:00pm Saturday and Sunday
This training is ideal for yoga teachers looking for hands on skills to help adjust and assist their students. It is also open to other somatic therapists and those looking for a stretch routine to add to their services. It is a wonderful way to complement the massage or yoga that you are currently offering.

No previous massage or yoga experience is required, but it is recommended. All applicants should have the ability to comfortably move their body through a moderate yoga class. Before registering, please watch the sample video below and see if you can imagine yourself being able to apply the techniques. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

This Course is approved by NCBTMB & Yoga Alliance for 12 hours of Continuing Education hours!

You can also choose to take individual days for 6 CE hours.

note: For certification in Thai Yoga Bodywork, one must complete this class plus the four day 'Foundational Flow' course as well as ten practie session. More info at:

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