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Daniel Goggans 



200-ht Creative Vinyasa at Sacred Thread Yoga January 2020, 300-hr Yin Yoga with Josh Summers December 2020

200-hr Ashtanga practitioners Intensive at Miami Life Center                    August 2021

My favorite posture:  Nakrasana because it reminds me not to give up, and keep a sense of humor about myself (and Josh's Yin pose Fragon) samasthiti because it reminds me of the importance of establishing a foundation through intention and attention. Finally, Utpulih because it inspires me to try and to take action.t

I found Yoga:

Yoga has taught me: When I trained with Josh he said "One practice takes many forms" I think that happens off your mat or cushion is a great teacher if you are open to it. It is about your approach and willingness to learn from the process. My yoga practice helps me mirror this.

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